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Here is a list of links to various sights on the web I thought you may find interesting. If you know of a sight out there that should be listed here let me know (NOT porno). As I find more interesting sites I'll add them, unfortunately the web is filled with a lot of crap so it takes a long time to filter through it.

Software - some great shareware sites.

Website - sites that will help you build or dress up your website.

Entertainment - some fun sites worth checking out.

Miscellaneous - everything else that's worth checking out.

Search Engines - looking for something on the web? Start here.

Metasearch sites - why search only one engine? These will find what you're looking for.





 Tucows - An excellent place to find all kinds of software. No matter what kind of program your looking for odds are it's here.
 Download.com - Another great shareware site.
 Nerds Heaven - Another excellent site for finding software.
 Covers Archive - Need to find the cover for some software or music CD's (not that you would pirate them or anything). This site will probably have it.
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 Icons n Stuff - Another great icon site.

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 The Easter Egg Archive - A cool site that lists a ton of Easter eggs found in all kinds of programs. Worth checking out.
 Joe Cartoon - A funny cartoon site that is definitely worth going to. If these don't make you laugh nothing will.
 Snowbirds - Here is the website of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, 431 Air Demonstration Squadron. The best in the world.
 NASA - This is a great site. It contains information on all the missions, new and old.
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 The Free Site - This is a great site. It links you with all sorts of free stuff. Anything from product samples to gag programs, it's all here.
 The Kraft Kitchen - You have to check this out. This site has a recipe search engine. Type in an ingredient or two that you have and it will give you a list of recipe's you can make with them.
 The Weather Network - Get the weather forecast when you need it.
 MapBlast - If you need a map for anywhere, Canada or the U.S.A. you'll find it here.
 Canada Post - If you need a postal code or any other postal info here it is.
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 Yahoo! Canada

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 2Q QuickQuest
 Highway 61
 Mamma: The Mother of All Search Engines

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