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Name:  Saskabusher
Location:  Hanley, SK
Birthday:  31 May, 1950
Bio:  After growing up in Saskatchewan I wanted to see the world. I joined the military, Army branch, in July 1967 (at about the time of the integration of the Canadian Armed Forces) and ended up with a Navy trade. Great I thought, now I'll really get to see the world. Nope, I ended up in Inuvik, NWT as my first posting. After 6 months in Inuvik I got a first class all expenses paid ticket to Alert, Nunavut. Well I certainly could see the world from Alert as I was standing on the top of the world. I'll always remember my time in the North with much fondness and feel it was the best time of my life. In 1975, after 8 years in the military with a 2 year trip to Bermuda under my belt and another 6 month tour in Alert, I decided to take a different turn in my career and decided to join the RCMP as a Telecommunicator Operator. My first transfer was to North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I served there for 21 years & then at Regina for almost 9 years and in February 2005 I decided that I had enough working. I took my retirement after 30 years with the RCMP plus my 8 years in the Canadian Armed Forces for a total of 38 years service to the citizens of Canada. With 8 years military time and 30 years as a Telecommunicator with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police I have hung up my headset to take part in the quieter side of civilian life. Small town Saskatchewan is where I now reside. Definitely quieter and a whole lot less stressful.
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